Synergy is the interaction of several parts to produce a combined effect greater than the sum of individual efforts.
NPO Synergy provides your organization with all-in-one management tools so that your team can engage communities, enhance services and enrich the future!

Powerful Management Tools to Help Accomplish Your Mission

Import & maintain donor information Manage donations & campaigns Schedule electronic newsletters Customized reports Online & available on multiple devices Secure servers & daily backup Data conversion service

Manage your donor information efficiently







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Manage Information Effectively

NPO Synergy helps balance the time spent between fundraising, programs and staff management. Our simple and efficient all-in-one management system can strengthen your organization's ability to serve both clients and community.

• Import, maintain & update donor records
• Manage campaigns from start to finish
• Email & track event invites
• Generate automatic newsletters
• Personalized electronic correspondence
• Coordinate tasks between team members
• Manage information across multiple devices
• Connection via SSL-encryption, so data is never lost
• Daily backup of your data on multiple secure servers

Customized Reports

Our Reports keep you focused on sustaining your nonprofit's resources and planning for the future. NPO Synergy helps you measure and analyze the strengths, weaknesses and opportunities specific to your organization so you can continue to achieve goals and accomplish your mission.

• Comprehensive & easy-to-use
• Review donation activity by individual or company
• Examine trends in giving behavior
• Analyze the effectiveness of a campaign
• Study the results of a specific program or event
• Generate a volunteer report by skill set or location
• Assess contributions made in a specific time period
• Evaluate annual organization performance

Online & Optimized For Mobile Devices

Nonprofits work hard to cultivate relationships with their community, donors, staff and volunteers. We understand that you need to balance your time between raising funds and program management, and at times that means working away from the office. NPO Synergy is available anywhere, anytime and on any device so that your team can continue to collaborate and share its resources.

Safe & Secure

A nonprofit's primary focus is on achieving the goals most meaningful to the organization. Because NPO Synergy stores all of its data on multiple secure servers, you will never be distracted with worry about losing important information or the privacy of your organization. Daily backup ensures that all of your information is completely safe.

Online Support and Data Conversion

We know that nonprofits are busy making a difference in the world, and that's why we've designed NPO Synergy to be a smart and simple program. NPO Synergy is easy to learn and user-friendly! If you find that additional help is required, please use our feedback form or write to us. We will be happy to walk you through the steps.

Importing your existing data to NPO Synergy is as easy as 1-2-3 with our import mechanism. If you have an unstructured or exceptionally large database, or if your data is located in different types of documents, then we are available to help you with data conversion. Please contact us if you need help with importing your data or data entry services.