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Many times during the week you stand in line waiting. And while you are waiting you might start talking to the person standing next to you. But how many times did that conversation result in a new software product to help nonprofits! Here's our story.

The concept began with a conversation between Sue Sattler of Matrix Theatre Company, and the man standing next to her, Krishna Vinjamoori of Mejenta Systems. After introductions were made and the topic turned to work, Sue began to tell Krishna about the challenges that Matrix was facing with regard to storage of information. Matrix had been manually entering donor, campaign, contributions and program information for over 20 years. The data was being stored all over the place: paper files, spreadsheets, individual computers and mobile phones. There was no order to the way they were storing their important information.

Sue believed that Matrix could benefit from a simple and automated system, but it would need to be affordable as well. She explained that other nonprofits were facing similar issues, as many operate with a small staff and limited budget. As Krishna listened, he realized that he wanted to find a way to utilize his skills and expertise to give back to the community.

For the next two months, team members from Matrix and Mejenta met to collaborate and merge their ideas. The software developers transformed those ideas into a streamlined and efficient nonprofit management tool. What resulted was a user-friendly online program to manage donor information, contributions, newsletters, tasks and campaigns from start to finish.

Because synergy refers to individuals working together to come up with new ideas and solutions for existing problems, we decided to call our company NPO Synergy. Our mission is to help our nonprofit partners so they can focus on enhancing quality of life for the individuals and communities they serve. With the understanding that so many nonprofits operate on minimal budgets, a Free Edition is available so that no organization would ever be excluded from utilizing this service.

Our promise to nonprofits is simple: Synergize to help nonprofits build their community, meet funding goals and achieve positive results!


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Mejenta Systems, Inc. is a Michigan-based company which offers an extensive range of Business Intelligent Software and IT staffing and training services to organizations worldwide. Great pride is maintained in the delivery of exceptional service, and in providing a positive customer experience. A comprehensive approach to the development and testing of software, which focuses on a close collaboration between the customer and Mejenta team member throughout the product development cycle, was established. Following a path that promotes adaptive planning and evolutionary development and delivery, the Mejenta team consistently delivers in technical excellence and design.

Focusing on both the business and technical aspects of software applications, Mejenta offers proficiency across a broad spectrum of domains including Financial, Government, Healthcare, Nonprofit, Telecom, Retail and Logistics, Energy and E-Learning. Mejenta’s products and service elevate their global customers to a higher level of profit while remaining cost effective.



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